Why Are You Teaching Him THAT? 2

Relatives, teachers, friends had the best of my son in mind when they asked me that question.  They asked because they doubted my son could learn the skill they considered too advanced for him.  They asked because they believed I should spent time teaching Robert something more basic, concrete, and useful.

“Why are you teaching him that? Isn’t that too difficult for him?”  Asked very loving relative as she watched Robert looking for a symbol of a state capital on a map grid.

Unfortunately, teaching something commonly considered “basic” might be, in many cases, much more difficult than teaching something regarded as more advanced.  For instance, I ran through three grade levels of workbooks teaching one geography skill – reading maps at the time  when Robert had very limited reading comprehension. I did that, because it was easy for me and for Robert.

I tried to teach my son many prepositions over the years and in different formats. Yet,he still doesn’t know “above, below, beside” He knows, however,  main and intermediate map directions.  He can point to something N, S, E, W, NE …of another place. He can state which direction one should go from point A to B.

The matter of fact at, some point,  I considered using the directions from compass rose to teach some of the prepositions he still is not sure about. I abandoned that idea for now….

Teaching map reading skills – finding symbols, using grid, naming directions required less expertise than working on improving reading comprehension of short stories. Teaching reading maps was concrete, elementary, and, as we found during our cross country trip, very useful.  .

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