It’s OK, It’s OK

Robert cannot always avoid confrontations with other people, but he  tries. There are things that Robert wants to keep in certain places and/or in a certain way. I don’t understand rationale behind his choices as he never explains himself. Sometimes I can convince him to do something differently, sometimes I cannot.

There were times when I kept Robert’s white T-shirts and his underwear in one drawer and all of his   pajamas   in another.  Yet at some point in time, coinciding with Robert’s learning to fold and put away  laundry, I started noticing that all the white shirts found their way to the drawer with pajamas while abandoned pieces of underwear enjoyed the extra space in an emptied drawer.  So, a few times I explained to Robert this problem and demonstrated where to place all the intimate clothes.  Every time I did that, Robert not only didn’t protest but softly and quickly repeated, “It’s OK, It’s OK”  and left his bedroom with me. Every time,  I felt a great satisfaction that  Robert’s  “irrational behavior ”  was suppressed under unbeatable logic of my arguments.

And yet, five-minute, an hour, or a day later  I found out that the white T-shirts were again suffocating  pajamas’ in their drawers while  the deserted underwear lingered  in an almost empty drawer.    I never noticed, Robert made sure that I didn’t,  when exactly he was able to change the content of the two drawers.   I switched them back  but so did he.   We played this game of switching for a few days. Finally I gave up.  I pretended I didn’t notice anything and Robert pretended to believe that I didn’t notice.
Neither of us had a stomach for confrontation….

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