Dumbing Down

October 8, 2014

It was raining all Sunday.  Our plans for apple picking were not executable and Robert understood that too. Although he reminded us, “Apples, apples”, he didn’t insist on a trip to the orchard.  It was a day for indoor activities and a trip to a museum seemed like a good idea,  Since we had a few passes to the Planetarium in the Science Museum, I made three reservations for the show Big Bird’s Adventure: One World, One Sky. Everything went smoothly.  We got to the museum on time, got our tickets, waited in line patiently, found good seats, watched calmly, and left promptly. Maybe too promptly.

Neither Jan nor I asked Robert if he liked the show.  We both knew that Robert would answer, “Yes, yes, yes”, but he would not tell the truth.  “Yes, yes, yes” is the  answer Robert gives after every movie or show.  The only way to check if he really liked a presentation would be to ask, “Do you want to see it again?”  Then he might assertively reject or approve such opportunity.

We could ask, “Did you like the show?”, but neither Jan nor I felt like it.  We were both ashamed of our choice.  The show was for very little children.  Not for 21 years old  man.  We were dumbing Robert down.  He was clearly bored, the same way we, his parents, were.

Why then I chose this show out of the three presented in the Planetarium?

Well, I thought it would be easier to get Robert readjusted to the place, by presenting him with something… simpler.  But why I even thought that he would need readjustment? He was in the planetarium before, although a few years before this visit.  He was, also, a frequent visitor to OMNI theater.  Just this September, he visited it twice to see a documentary about Canadian railroad and a beautiful film about Jerusalem.  He loved both presentations. He behaved perfectly.

There is really no logical explanation except admitting that maybe deep down, we, the parents, are as prejudicial in regards to Robert’s abilities  as some (SOME) of his teachers and  school administrators are.

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