Writing, Writing, and More Writing

November 17, 2013

Robert had a relatively busy weekend.  Yesterday, he went to Bridges to Independence Program, Subway Restaurant, and to Boston View trail in Blue Hill State Park. In the evening, his friend Nolan came for a short visit.  Today, Robert had an adaptive horseback riding lesson.  In the afternoon, he went for a walk to Moose Hill Audubon.   On the way home, Robert and his Dad stopped at the pet store to buy cat’s door.  After coming home, he helped his father to install it.

In the early evening, Robert completed one page with division and one with adding fractions. Then he rewrote a text replacing underlined words with their antonyms.  All three pages were exercises in being independent. Robert didn’t hesitate to work alone (while I was in the kitchen) on math problems, but not on rewriting the text.  Of course, before I left him with rewriting, he read the text and correctly changed each underlined  word into its opposite.  When, however, I left, he stopped after first copied word and waited….When I came, he resumed writing finding correct answers.  I left, he stopped again.  From the kitchen, I encouraged him to go on.  He did go ahead with writing half of a  sentence.  When I came back, he quickly, without my help finished the rewriting, each time loudly stating the word he was going to use.  He watched my reaction after each word ready to back off and try another word.

We worked a little on predicting with the help of worksheets from No Glamour Language Elementary.  First pages were easy as the predicting was mainly matching the drawings of effect with the drawings of cause.  We did that before.  Then, Robert looked at the pictures and tried to predict what MIGHT happened.  Although his thinking was correct, he had huge problems with pronunciation. Not a surprise.

We made a page with associations.  Today the theme was “Bedroom” .  Robert had to write 6 words that go together with bedroom and tell why they go together.(You sleep in the bedroom) .

Earlier, after coming from riding lesson, Robert wrote a paragraph about  the horse, Zoe.  It was easy because on the way home, we sort of , practiced those sentences by talking about the new, white horse.

In the evening, Robert wrote a paragraph about his day by listing all the activities in order.

Next task for him was to get information about what his dad and his mom did during the day.

He asked dad, “What did you do today?”  Very hard question for Robert, specially since he had to look at his dad as he was asking.  Robert asked this question five times, writing down all five activities.  When he switched to me, I shortened the question to “What did you do?” as the word “today” at the end became too much for Robert. Again he, wrote down five of my daily achievements.

I divided a page into three columns, writing at the top, MOM, ROBERT, DAD. In Robert’s column I wrote: “Went for a walk.”  Robert had to write what dad and mom were doing during the same time.  He correctly wrote that dad also went for a walk and that mom was raking leaves. There were two other similar rows and it went without problems.

Finally, Robert wrote about Nolan’s  visit.  He wrote that they ate pizza and watched Ice Age while their mothers talked and drank tea,

It seems like a lot of writing.  Not really.  For Robert all that writing was much easier than talking about the recalled events.  As he writes, the next word comes easy and the sentences complete themselves painlessly .  When he talks, every syllable is a problem.  Stringing the words together is almost impossible.

Robert was writing to  review his weekend and prepare for …talking.

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