Amanda, Amanda, Amanda

Amanda was coming home.  She was coming home for Christmas break.  Robert was waiting.  Every day, he demanded that we establish that fact beyond any doubts.

“Amanda, Amanda, Amanda.  (?) (!)”

“What about Amanda?”

“She is for Christmas.”

“You are right. She is coming.”

It was a dialogue which with slight variations was repeated many times each day for over four weeks.

“Amanda, Amanda, Amanda? (.) (!)”

“What about Amanda?”

“She home.”

“You are right, she is coming home for Holidays.”

And she came.

Robert smiled.  Came closer, and wasn’t sure what to do next.  Amanda smiled and gave him a hug.  Robert accepted passively and smiled again.  Then he turned back, ran away, returned, and bounced in place in the Tigger like way.

During the following days, he went to Walpole Park, Stony Brook Park and Moose Hill with Amanda.  He played board games with Amanda.  He built a village out of gingerbread, decorated it with candies, and ate all the candies, leaving white frosting on all the roofs.  He built gingerbread carousel, decorated it with candies, and then ate all the candies.  He went skiing at Sunapee Mountain with Amanda and their dad.  In his own way, on legs spread widely, he  rushed past her, showing off the way siblings might.  She had trouble keeping up with him.  They ate at the lodge on the top of the Mountain. A few times, Amanda took him to McDonald’s and Starbucks.

During all that time, I did not study with Robert.  I watched how he was surviving the 10 day long break from school without almost any interference from me.

He survived pretty well.  Of course it helped that dad took him to movies and reminded him every day to take a bath and do a few other little things.  But mostly, Robert survived because of Amanda, Amanda, Amanda.

This must be both exciting and scary for Amanda.

But she is not the only one with very ambivalent feelings….

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