I took an unplanned break from teaching Robert during holiday vacation. More than thousand words are needed to explain why this happened.  And yet, I had a chance to teach Robert in completely unplanned manner a very important skill – to say “excuse me”  while passing by someone who is obstructing his way.

Robert was putting away laundry and walking from one room to the three others to place clothes in proper drawers and closets.  As I stood at the door, and Robert was squeezing by me, I decided to start the impromptu lesson. I reminded him to say “Excuse me.”  He did, I let him pass. 

I moved to another door.  Robert stopped in front of me and after I gave him “meaningful” look, he said, “Excuse me.”  Another door and another door.  Went well, but then, Robert began to say,”Excuse me.”  as soon as he noticed me in standing in the door, five, six or even 7 feet away.  That did not work.  I did not move, so he repeated, “Excuse me” while standing a foot or two in front of me.  I let him pass.  Again and again.  Then I asked Amanda to do the same thing.  She stood in the door obstructing the passage.  Robert didn’t need to be told what to say, he said. “Excuse me” every time. 

Not that he liked to do so.  Until our lesson started, he kept moving one piece of clothing at a time, passing by doors multiple times.  By the time we finished, he learned to take a few items at a time to reduce the number of “Excuse me” needed to complete a job.

Oh well. 

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