Time of Changes

Friday was Robert’s last day of school. I am not sure, he understands that. There was a cake on Thursday. It was huge and Robert brought more than a half home. He didn’t want to eat it, and on Friday, he took it back to school. I think the cake was a school thing that he should share with his classmates. I don’t know for sure. After all, Robert doesn’t explain himself.
On Friday, Robert went with his teachers and classmates to his new favorite place, Chicago Bar and Grill, Uno.
I had very mixed feeling about that. On one hand, I wanted him to celebrate with his class and create great memory of his time at school. On the other hand, I was afraid that this would make him miss the school terribly after he leaves.
Robert is a creature of habits. He likes people, places, and even his responsibilieties and gets used to them. He leaves but always with the idea that at some point he can turn.
Even now, six months after his summer program ended, he still keeps a folder in his other schoolbag with worksheets from that collaborative. I tried to convinced him in vain to dispose of the papers, but he doesn’t want to. I could do it myself when he is not watching, but that would mean I don’t give him a chance to mature and make hard decision himself.
Nonetheless, I disposed of the green folder he took to school everyday. It was torn apart already. Robert checked the recycling bin,decided that the folder was not usable, and found another green folder. He placed his home worksheets in it, then he carried it to his main schoolbag.
He expects he will go back.
Well, today he didn’t. NEHSA at Sunapee arranged a ski lesson for him. So he is skiing now.
I am not sure what he will do tomorrow.
What will I do?

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