Success in Special Education

Journal. March 12, 2014
We went to the Science Museum to see Human Body at the Omnimax Theatre. A few groups of students arrived with their teachers. Still, we were able to secure the best seats. Robert liked that so many other young viewers, almost his age, were there too. I won’t even mention Robert’s behavior as it was just perfect. Even more… typical. He watched the movie intensely. I believe, that as different stages of the woman’s pregnancy were presented on the screen, some of the mystery of a baby growing inside mother’s body might have been shed light on. It was specially important because of Erin. Erin, Robert’s skill instructor for the last few years, has been working with him until two weeks prior to her due date.
The movie could explain to Robert not only the changes to Erin’s body, but also why she couldn’t come last week.
However, before she took her “maternity leave”, Erin proved to be, yet again, an amazing teacher.
Over the years, she has been taking Robert to many stores, to try on and buy some clothes. She helped him, with decreasing support, to look for and to pay for groceries. She was the one who initiated taking Robert to self -check counters to pay for his items. Before he left with Erin on their errands (store, library, bank, and restaurant), I usually gave Robert a short shopping list and he got the goods paying with his ATM card.
A few weeks ago, I didn’t have such a list. Erin asked if it would be OK to take Robert to the supermarket to help her with her shopping.
It is hard to describe how proud that question made me feel. What a delight it was to realize that Robert could really help his teacher by passing items through self check register, bagging them, and placing them in the trunk of her car.
I realized then that this was the best measure of the educational success. A young person showing enough maturity to care for others in a way that matters.

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  1. Jean

     /  March 12, 2014

    I’d be proud too. Long journey to celebrate the things many take for granted.


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