Journal, Page 2

Rather uneventful day. We studied together: Lesson 120 from Saxon Math, practicing making predictions based on picture cards from Super Duper School Company,Yes and No questions based on cards from the same company, review of map reading skills in context of landforms and waterways, practicing cursive writing and some easy mechanics of grammar.
I noticed , that my presence again affected negatively Robert’s performance. When I left him alone with a task of changing fractions (either to simplify or to expand them), Robert completed quickly and correctly 26 out of 30 problems. When I sat next to him and kept quiet while he worked, Robert had difficulties with this task. It was hard for me not to provide constant encouragement and not to kept confirming the correctness of his solutions. It was even more difficult and confusing for Robert. He understood my silence as a sign that he made an error, so he kept changing, and changing again unable to return to the first, correct answer.
This, unfortunately, is a learned behavior. It was the teachers’ made problem. That means, the problem was also created by me…
That is why, I provide Robert with easier worksheets, he can complete without my support, and I go to the kitchen to cook dinner or wash dishes. At this time, gaining confidence is the most important goal for Robert.

We also took our cat to the vet. Later, we stopped at the library. Robert borrowed two books. We exercised very shortly, again with the emphasis on repetitive movements of arms. I started laundry, Robert followed with two other loads.
That is mostly all. As I said, rather uneventful day. Good.

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