Journal, Page 3

March 14, 2014
This afternoon, Jan took Robert for a horse riding lesson. They are planning to go to movies after riding. I am trying to pull myself together.
The difficulties in signing for health insurance, already more than 20 hours spent on the phones with people who kept saying different things, exhausted me already in February. After Robert left school on March 3, I realized that I was not able to deal with too many issues at the same time, and stopped calling Massachusetts HealthConnector. I needed to regain my sanity and take care of Robert.
I couldn’t do both things at the same time. Specially since they were not the only things I had to deal with.
Today, I thought I was strong enough for another attempt to sign or at least understand my current status.
So I called. I was told again something completely different from before. This is not a place to write about the maddening details of the series of my contacts with HealthConenctor. It suffices to say, that I was kept for hours on the phone, providing millions of details about myself and my family, and then nothing was done. Nothing!!!!! I was supposed to sign for something I didn’t know anything about – not the price, not the services. The fact that my government is fooling with me makes me both depressed and mad. Today, I thought maybe I would find some sense in Healthconnector. Instead, I heard another idiotic request. I cannot understand anything. I wouldn’t be writing about that here, if that didn’t lead to my performance as Robert’s guardian and teacher.
My energy was depleted. The courage to start new things evaporated.
We didn’t go to the Science Museum to see Louis and Clark movie although that was the last day of the presenting this feature. I did not call the library to inquire about possibility of Robert volunteering informally there. I wanted him to place each morning a few returned books on proper shelves. Good application of alphabetical skills and satisfying occupation for him.
I did not call local food bank to ask for volunteering opportunity there. Robert is pretty good at packing, and placing everything in right places so that might be a good thing to do. I didn’t call about Meals on Wheels to check if He and I could deliver meals at least once a week. I was completely drained.
The only thing to do when the energy and courage are lacking is to fall back on a daily routine. Those are the benefits of lots of practice in teaching. Our an hour and a half of learning together was easy. I went on almost mechanically..
a. We continued with cards for apraxia using them in two ways. 1. Robert was repeating after me using the targeted word in different ways: repeating three times, finishing expression, using in a sentence, rhyming it with another word. 2. Robert was reading the word I didn’t see, and I tried to guess what he said. That was much harder, but it allowed me to find some of the issues he had with producing sounds.
b.Saxon Math lesson 122. Part of the lesson Robert didn’t have problems with – adding decimals, drawing angles of given measures. He had difficulties with following question, “How many hours in May?” Before he even read the question, he had to remember that the day has 24 hours and he had to count on his knuckles how many days in May. He knew that. But to go from that to the proper multiplication of 24*31 was a stretch.
I drew the same sort of picture I usually do when the problem calls for multiplication, and Robert wrote a proper math sentence. Later, I realized that I should have used a real calendar instead and have Robert write 24 on each square of page with May. Oh, well
c. Robert practiced some cursive writing, so I could do some kitchen work, and built from a a construction paper an otter with a clam. (Amazing Crafts)
d. Short text about eclipses from Real Science. I don’t think Robert understood it. But that was only an introduction to familiarize him with words lunar, solar, and eclipse. He would understand better if I made a model. But I was not in a mood for doing anything new. Oh well.
Luckily, Robert found himself something to do and hang or put in the in the proper drawers all the remaining laundry from yesterday.
The highlight of the day, was something I did not expect. Robert ate fried eggplant. Without any breadcrumbs, cheese, or tomato sauce. Completely different texture and taste. That he tried something new and widen his food repertoire really made my day.

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