Journal, Page 4

Saturday/Sunday March 15 and 16, 2014
On Saturday, I drove Robert to and from Bridges to Independence in Bridge Center. My husband and I have been driving him there almost every Saturday for the last 7 years. It is over 30 miles one way, so two round trips take us almost 3 hours. But, we couldn’t find anything of equal value to Robert anywhere closer. It is a small group with one dedicated teacher and one even more dedicated volunteer, who happened to be a speech therapist. Robert cooks, plays with his friends, plants seeds, cleans, organizes, talks a little, but listens a lot. I had a short talk with Claudia, (the volunteer) about Robert’s problem with overeating. She noticed that during the previous session and was concerned. Luckily when I came to pick up Robert, four hours later, Claudia informed me about measurable improvement. Jan took Robert for a walk in Moose Hill and took Robert to Subway.
Robert and I did very little work together on Saturday evening. We stayed with worksheets as those are much easier for both of us than talking.
This morning, however, we did a lot a speech using again cards from super Duper School Company. Ten cards from, “What they are asking?’ Robert first stated in one or two sentences what is happening on the picture and followed with the question posed by one of the character.
We went through the whole set of “Changing sentences to questions”. It was really encouraging to see, how much easier those tasks became as we went on, even though they required using of different rules. Finally, we did 10 cards from “Wh questions in the community.” Those cards presented different level of difficulties for Robert. Some, he was able to answer with one word, some he was not able to answer at all.
We also did half of another unit from Talking in Sentences. practicing expression “KNOWS HOW TO” in sentences.
Robert and I went to the supermarket for milk, bread and a few other items. This time we had problems with self check, as there was no icon on the screen for poblano. Robert waited patiently for help. In the late afternoon we drove to Framingham to see movie about Veronika Mars. I chose the movie because it was supposed to be hour-long. Short. It wa two hors long,but Robert survived without any candies or chips and with only one trip to the toilet. Wa could consider it a success.
Oh well, count your blessing whenever you find them.

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