From Barney to Gravity

Robert’s affinity for Barney and Veggie Tales cannot be denied. I am not going to restrict Robert’s access to these and other PG movies. I noticed,however, that we were reducing or eliminating Robert’s exposure to movies aimed at sligtly older viewers. After all, he is 22 years old. He is ready for PG 13 and maybe even for R.

When our children were little, we drove to movies in two cars even though we went to see the same feature. In case Robert became disruptive and impossible to control, one of us, parents left the theatre with Robert, while the other stayed with Amanda. Every time, we bought a lot of candies or cookies to keep Robert eating, as that prevented him from making noises.
The problem was that Omnimax Theater in Science Museum forbids bringing food or drinks to the theater. Well, we still brought a few times a small box of juice. When Robert got bored, he asked to go to the restroom, sometimes two, sometimes three times. In Omnimax however, there is no readmittance upon leaving. After leaving two different movies and not being able to return, Robert never asked to go to the restroom again. In omnimax that is. And in the planetarium. He has also never asked for candies to take to the Omnimax or planetarium.
Before Amanda left for college, Robert went to both PG and PG 13 movies frequently. With chips, candies, and a couple of trips to the restroom, he survived till the end.
After Amanda left for college, we took Robert mainly, if not only, to PG movies, mostly to see animated productions. Somehow, without our older child, we stopped noticing that Robert also kept growing. Since at home he still showed unrelenting affection for Barney, Veggie Tales, and a few Disney movies, it seemed natural that those type of entertainment should be provided to him in cinemas.
Except, it didn’t seem exactly right. A couple of weeks ago, I dared to take Robert to Monument Man, then to Pompeii. On Sunday, we went to see Veronica Mars, and today we drove to Providence to catch Gravity which already disappeared from theaters closer to us. Robert loved the movie. He, of course, didn’t elaborated, as he never explains anything. However, from the way he sat and looked at the screen, from the fact that he didn’t take off his 3D glasses or didn’t even mention restroom, I could deduce that he was at awe.
And so was I.

It has to be added that Jan took Robert to see Lego Movie and that they both enjoyed it.

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