Journal Page 6

March 26, 2014
Very difficult day. Maybe Robert gets cabin fever after 26 days at home. For the last three days, we didn’t make any major trips. Just store, cooking class, and swimming. Not enough for that guy, forgotten by Department of Developmental Services in Massachusetts. He is getting restless and anxious. I feel exhausted. Very exhausted. I do live his life 24/7.
Yesterday, was not so bad. I used Singapore Math grade 3 to review area and perimeter of polygons. We had studied that a couple of years ago, but I felt, Robert didn’t get the idea behind those concepts. He knew, that perimeter meant he had to walk around, and area required counting squares, but despite that, he was prone to making errors, because he relied on wrong cues.
If around the rectangle, there were only two number written (for length and width) he was immediately multiplying them to get area, even if the problem asked for perimeter. When along the sides of rectangle, he saw four numbers (two for length and two for width) he added them to find perimeter, even when the question asked for area.
In Singapore textbook and workbook both topics were presented very clearly. And there was a lot of opportunity to practice. I had a feeling that Robert was pretty happy that he was able to grasp both concepts.
We also read a story, about a girl who used seven jars filled to different levels with juices, to make music. I had only 6 flutes. I used five dyes to color water in five of them. Sixth glass had just plain water. I poured the water to different levels so Robert and I could play “music”. Robert loved it!
Yesterday, was a good day.
Today, was harder. Robert was anxious, very anxious. Ha called for his dad, every 10 seconds. I studied with him in a few short intervals. That was the only way to limit that constant and very dramatic calling for dad.
Robert cannot say or read anything loudly, but his calling for dad was very loud and very high-pitched. How is that possible?
Anyway, I had to force myself to study with Robert and we did quite a lot. Today, Robert was building different structures from 1 inch cubes and kept counting volumes. He had difficulties with two or three levels structures. We did a lot speech tasks. Again, he read the word on a card, and I had to understand it. Still a challenge for him and me. We continued with WH questions in Community, We also read a story about two children selling lemonade. Together we made a story map, but I did not ask Robert to retell what he read, based on the story map. That should be the goal of that exercise, but somehow it felt too much for Robert, and much too much for me.

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