Journal, Page 8

March 31, 2014

Robert woke up late. I did not try to wake him earlier, as he couldn’t fell asleep last night. He was up, until almost 2 AM. We studied together using Let’s Predictcards. Robert had to tell what was happening in the picture and then predict what would happen next. We also worked with Changing statements to questions cards. Robert continued building structures using cubes and counting their volumes. He was doing much better in copying the structure from the picture. Since, he still had difficulties predicting the volumes of rectangular prisms based on the drawing, he had to build them layer by layer.
I remember that in the past, when we for the first time approach this topic, I didn’t notice that Robert didn’t understand the word “layer” and thus my explanations about counting area of one layer and multiplying it by the number of layers was lost on him.
Yet again that was an example of a teacher (me) using language that confuses instead of clarifying.
Now, Robert understands the word “layer”, but he still has a tendency to counting only the cubes visible in the picture instead of using deduction to “notice” those cubes that are hidden under or behind other blocks.
We read the next story from Third grade Spectrum Reading and Robert with my help answered five WH and one HOW questions about it. “Who, when, and where” are almost independent, but “what, why and how” require assistance. And of course we went on with Saxon math grade 4, lesson 133. Robert for the first time independently drew a picture for a multiplication word problem and then solved it. Later, he also counted the price of two large drinks and three small hamburgers. This problem required multiplying decimals and adding them in a proper order.

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