Journal Page 9

April 7, 2014
The teachers’ supply store in my town, Learning Wellis closing by the end of the month. On Saturday, I bought many workbooks at greatly discounted prices. Today, we started again History Packets, Ancient Civilization Five or more years ago, we had done the same thing completing all the packets. But it was only the first encounter. Since then nobody has bothered to teach Robert History as it was considered one of the subjects useless for him. Today, Robert colored the cover page with pictures representing six cultures from Mesopotamia to Aztec. He searched for similar pictures on his IPad and copied the colors.
Since the books were so inexpensive, I bought many including those that would seem much below or much above Robert’s level. I noticed, however, that sometimes the very easy workbooks introduce difficult concepts in a way that could be easily digested. For instance, in the workbook Daily 6-Trait Writing on one of the first pages I found the word, “Topic”. I have never used that word with Robert, because I wouldn’t know how to explain it to him. This book did that in a very basic ways. I also bought three levels of Word Family. Although it was written with the spelling in mind, I want to use it mainly to practice pronunciation. Robert knows much better how to write those words than how to say them. We used Speak It Apps on the IPAD. Robert printed all the words from “ack” family, put period after each one and then listened and repeated them a few times. I hope that would help him. I also bought 4th grade Grammar. Two years ago we completed the 3rd grade, and a couple of years before that 2nd grade. They are very similar as the level of difficulties increases slowly.
We also practiced concepts by using Assessments from Language for Learners. Using the whole book, page by page, doesn’t make much sense at this time. Robert has many skills already, although they are often hidden. The assessments are perfect for finding those basic gaps and repairing them. Doing lesson after lesson could back fire at this point.
Later, Robert waited for Pam. She was a little later than he expected her, but Robert waited for her patiently outside while I raked leaves, the wind carried across the street over winter months. Luckily, he didn’t have to wait too long.

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