Journal, Page 11

April 29, 2014
An… easy day. Robert and I studied together in the morning.
1. I went back to the first lessons in Saxon Math level 4. I know, I know. This is the fourth time we do the same things over again. This time, however, I am using the pages only to find out what problems Robert still has difficulties with. I am writing myself additional pages for extra practice. I should say for extensive practice. This time, I will spent long time on the first 11 pages of the workbook, as for each page I will write 10+ others with an emphasis on calendar skills.
2. A section on “og” family of words. Not for writing as writing such words had been mastered by Robert at least 8 years ago, but for saying them. Again Speak Iton IPAD provided models, as my pronunciation of English vowels is… well… wrong.
3. We read another story from Spectrum Reading. Robert answered five WH questions and one “HOW”. But only “who” and ” where” didn’t require help.

Yesterday evening, as I worked on a computer, Robert approached me and said, “Store.”
“What do you want to buy?”
“Potatoes”, he replied.
I checked and found out that we ran out of Robert’s favorite kind, organic Russet potatoes. So today, we went shopping just before lunch time. I followed Robert as he picked most of the items. I decided not to use a self register as we had a few products that could be hard to find on the self-register screen. For instance,poblano pepper we always had to call for help. Robert ignored almost empty cash register and followed to the next one which was still covered with many food articles. I asked him to return, but he said, “No, no.” I realized that it was because there were no candies by that register. So, I told him that I would buy a candy if he puts all of our shopping on the belt. He agreed. I took KitKat and Twix out and asked him to choose. As he noticed both candies, his eyes lighten up. He kept moving his finger, once pointing to Kitkat, another time to Twix. I couldn’t help but give him another choice, “Do you want Twix, KitKat or both?”
“Both”, he said and he got both.
Oh well, once in a while…
After we came home, Robert, with my support, completed History Packet Ancient Egypt. He cut, colored, glued, read, stapled, copied, and seemed to like this project a lot. When he saw a page with a drawing of a pyramid pattern, he decided to build another pyramid. And he did.
He made himself potato with cheese and Tyson chicken for dinner. He folded one basket of laundry, but left the second for later.
No rush. an easy day…

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