Morning at Big Apple Circus.

Friday, May 2, 2014
On Friday morning, Robert and I drove to Boston to see the Big Apple Circus. Unfortunately, the seats we got were not good. We mostly saw the backs of clowns and jugglers. We moved a few times to find better ones and, I think, we did. When I told Robert to change seats, he said, “No.” But when I changed my seat, he followed me without a protest. It was during the intermission when there was a problem. It took me off guard, as it never happened before in almost 8 years of yearly trips to Big Apple circus and Cirque Du Soleil. During intermission, Robert wanted to leave and go home. He expressed that clearly and rather loudly. So we left but not without getting stamps which would allow us to return. As soon as we left the tent, Robert hesitated and then decided to return. He also wanted coke. But when I got a full paper cup for him, he was even more agitated. It all seemed so irrational.
Then I realized:
1. As we were leaving our seats for intermission, I asked Robert to take his jacket and thus he deduced that we were leaving for good. Had his jacket was left on the seat, he would got much clearer idea than my words, “This is only a break, an intermission. We will return after intermission. In-ter-mis-sion Intermission.” I kept repeating. I was fixated on teaching Robert the new word, “intermission” and didn’t realize that Robert didn’t grasp the concept yet. Robert understands the word “return”, but that still doesn’t explain anything. After all, the word “Return” doesn’t specifies WHEN we would return. “Return” might mean tomorrow, next week, or, as it has been the case with The Big Apple Circus, next year. Robert was confused and he hates being confused.
2. When I picked the cup full of coke from the window, Robert assumed that it was an empty cup, as one of those that he usually gets in fast food restaurants. He has to fill such cup himself. When he looked around and didn’t see soda machines he experienced another confusion. Then he noticed that one cup in the window had a few drops of brown liquid on the outside. Those drops looked promising. He grabbed that cup while I returned the other one.

Everything, became clearer only after we returned to the arena and I saw Robert’s blissful expression when the second half had begun.
The tension was gone. The suspicious resistance was gone. The irritating confusions disappeared. The muscles on his face soften and his eyes brighten up as Robert embraced the show.

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