Journal, Pages 13 and 14

May 9, 2014
Yesterday, we began the day with our regular work. Then, Robert worked for almost 2 hours on finishing Ancient Greece packet. There was a short, illustrated text to read which we(mostly I) talked a little about. Robert had to use the text to find meanings of four new words. That was the only comprehension task for Robert. The rest was cutting, coloring, gluing to make puppets, theatrical masks, and a model of the Parthenon. After completing those projects, Robert wrote a post card (with the Ancient Greece theme) to his grandma telling her about his project. I think that was rather relaxing but also very rewarding activity.
After lunch, we drove to the pharmacy, two supermarkets, vacuum repair shop, and another place with lawn mowers and their accessories. We needed a belt for a vacuum and a new filter for our lawn mower. The last two places were new for Robert. He was naturally curious and he followed me one step behind trying to get an idea how to behave in such environment.
May 22, 2014
We haven’t studied together for almost 10 days. Robert was busy with adjusting and working in the new place and with his regular activities. Yesterday, I thought that he would be reluctant to return to our regular studies. I was surprised that neither on Tuesday nor on Wednesday that was the case. In those two evenings, we went through lesson 4 and 5 from Reasoning and Writing by SRA. Robert seemed to like it a lot, almost as if he considered the tasks presented to him as a parts of a great game. I say, “Pick up the crayon that is not purple.” and Robert with this sly smile picks the yellow. That smile is worth million dollars. It is as if he were telling me, “You tried to trick me, but I didn’t fell for it.”
We continued with the help of IPad working on pronunciation of “ee” words and “ick” words. We read two next stories from 3rd grade Spectrum Reading , we worked (again) on rounding two and three digit numbers, and we built structures with cubes and assessed their volumes.
This is our routine, yet as all routines it has a good part (it is east to follow) and a bad side (it can be too stifling). So, maybe I will shake it today a little.

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