Quiet Weekend and Disquieting Question

May 20, 2014
Last week, Robert attended a new program. He has not been accepted yet. At this point, he is evaluated for its suitability for him. Except, Robert doesn’t know that yet. So he is happy and relaxed. And it shows.
Last Saturday, Robert had a good time at his vocational/life skill program. He cooked, he had music therapy outside (Just a month ago, he was not happy about that), he worked with his peers, and he followed directions. After we picked him up, we drove to New York City. Robert was very calm. Because of that calmness, I didn’t feel forced to use language to explain things to him as I had to do during our trip, a month ago, to New York and North Carolina. https://krymarh.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/predicaments-and-language-concepts/.
His anxiety at that time required that I kept explaining things to him and provide him with phrases he could use to gain information and assurances.
This time, nothing of sorts. The only “conversation” we had was about eating.
“Fries, fries”, said Robert
“We will eat at exit 40,” answered one of us.
“Fries, fries”, repeated Robert.
“What about fries?” asked one of us.
“Exit 40” replied Robert.
“You are right. We will eat in MacDonald at exit 40”
Over two hours long period, we had three such or similar conversations. Not bad.
No obsessing there.
In the evening, Robert still managed to go with his father for a walk around reservoir in Central Park.
On Sunday morning, we drove to New York Botanical Garden in Bronx. We took a ride on a train and then walked through three of its sections. As I was taking photographs of some of the native plants, Robert wither walked slowly with his father or relaxed on benches. In rhododendrons’ section he posed for pictures. The only teaching I managed to squeeze in was in the Haupt Conservatory as we passed through Rain Forest Section. Using the board on the top platform, I reminded Robert names of the layers of the jungles.
After lunch at the cafe, we made a short trip through the grounds of Bronx Zoo. Then we were on a way home. We arrived around 7PM and Robert, as always, unpacked everything – medicines, toiletries, and food. He started laundry and took a bath.
It would be hard not to notice the difference in his demeanor from that he had exhibited a month before. I think it was because he felt that he found his place after two months of being in limbo.
But did he?

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