Progress? Regress? Progress?

May 26, 2014 Long, Very Long Memorial Day Weekend
I was a little concerned when I was leaving Robert at Bridge Center. He made a few noises of disappointment and insisted that I take off the ACE wrist band I had put on just three hours before. He didn’t mind me wearing it at home or while driving, but somehow found it offensive that I wore it in Bridge Center. I pretended I didn’t mind taking it off but left anxious. I know so little about Robert that much too often I worry a lot when I leave him anywhere when he is not in a good mood.
I was still nervous when 4 hours later I came to pick him up but my anxiety disappeared when I heard that Robert did very well that day.
Since the weather was surprisingly nice, despite gloomy forecast, we decided to drive to a farm to buy more native plants. It was a long, but uneventful ride. On a way from the farm we found sign on the road Historic Deerfield and we decided to take a quick look. It was late already and visitor center was closed, so we walked a little, stopped in the restaurant for a dinner, and walked some more. I secretly cherished the fact that the historic houses were already closed, and thus we didn’t feel obligation to visit them. Walking and looking at them from outside was just enough to make the evening pleasant and relaxing.
I woke up sick with what most probably was a food poisoning. Jan took Robert to Massachusetts Hospital School for horseback riding. Later they went for a short walk.
I hoped I would feel better, but I didn’t. Our plans for barbecue with friends had to be canceled. Since it was still not raining (despite the forecast), Jan took Robert biking to Blackstone River bike trail. They came a few hours later. I was half asleep when terrible, TERRIBLE scream woke me up. Robert was screaming as loudly as I have never heard him before. (At least not in the last 4 years) I knew something horrid had to happened. What else would provoke such a loud cry of distress?
What? What?
Broken door lock! It didn’t let the door open.
It had to be said that before Robert screamed, he first tried to rectify the situation on his own. He tried to use the key. It didn’t work. He went inside through the garage and tried to open the door from inside. The knob didn’t work. Nothing work. And that was when Robert understood that the world was, yet again, coming to its end. And he let everybody know that.
What surprised me, however, was that Robert didn’t continue persevering about the door, as he certainly would have done even a year ago. He went upstairs, watched his IPAD, took a bath and went to bed. Maybe he decided that the door would fix itself, so the best thing was to sleep it over. And he did.
The door didn’t fix itself and Jan was not able to fix it ether. There was no way to open it to remove the broken lock. There was no other way but to call the locksmith to come. And to come today, on Holiday Monday.
I knew that Robert would protest leaving his home in the morning through the garage door and not the regular door. So I called locksmith, three of them, canceled two then called one more again, as I didn’t really know what I was canceling. We cleverly decided that Jan would take Robert for a walk to stop Robert from helping the locksmith. Repairing the lock requires removing the lock and Robert doesn’t like removing. If he notices things out of place, he will put them back on.
So, Jan took Robert for a walk, and I kept calling. The locksmith arrived five minutes after Robert and Jan returned. And as, we knew it would happened, Robert knew better, and tried to put everything back, before it was even taken out. Somehow, Jan enticed Robert for a trip top McDonald.
And that was another progress. Just a year ago (as I wrote in, Robert wouldn’t leave knowing someone came to dismantle his house or part of his house.
When Robert returned,the lock was already in place and it worked.
Nonetheless, it was not the same lock so Robert took a screwdriver and unscrewed it.
However, when both Jan and I told him to put the new lock back, he…did.

We did a little studying together. Not much. Just enough to put Robert on track. We read last story from Spectrum reading, worked on pronunciation of “eeze” words, and a few new vocabulary words (second grade). We also did lesson 7 from Reasoning and Writing This is the part Robert likes best and becomes much, much better in recognizing what could and what couldn’t happen (girl riding a bike versus girl flying) and also in following the direction “If I do this, you do that” with the help of two pictures on line – one representing me and one him. We had done it three years ago, so Robert was a little rusty, but he gets the skill back. He better does, he needs it.

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