Journal, Page 16

June 6, 2014
This week, Robert was home. We were both waiting for the recommendations about his adult program after the three weeks long vocational evaluation was completed. Robert was anxious and did not feel good. But since doing nothing doesn’t seem to make Robert feel better, we didn’t skip even one day of study. We just took more frequent and longer breaks. It was not a very original teaching. In more difficult times, the routine keeps both of us focused. So we continued most of the old programs. As before, Robert likes Reasoning and Writing exercises the best. The most difficult task is for him to retell the story, based on numbers he placed in the picture when I was reading the story for the first time. Those numbers followed the movement of the cat which tried to catch the goldfish, but was grabbed by the turtle instead. We continued with Linguisystem Cards for Adults and pronunciation exercises with the help of the spelling book level D and IPAD. The new thing is the curriculum Functional Routines for Adults and Adolescents. I believe that Robert recognizes practical implications of those illustrated stories followed by questions and seems interested and eager to practice. On Monday, we made a short trip to Roger William Park and Zoo, stopped at two banks, and bought pajama pants at KKohl’s Department Store. On Tuesday, we cashed Robert check at the bank, went to the farm, and then to Moose Hill Park. On Wednesday, we went to see Maleficent.
On Thursday, we didn’t go anywhere. We still studied, but after lunch Robert fell asleep and didn’t want to go anywhere. I think he didn’t feel good. It rained all day, and it was damp and dark outside. In the evening, Robert had to feel better as he rather happily took care of the two loads of laundry.
Today, Robert went with Pam to the library and later for a walk. She said, he was pretty anxious in the morning. Later, we prepared together chicken fingers and that improved his mood a lot. We studied for two hours and then watched TV.
I was pretty tense this week, and so was Robert. We read each other feelings and got even more anxious.
Oh well,

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