From Different Angles

June 12, 2014
This morning, Robert and I studied together.
1. We worked on unit 17 from Reasoning and Writing addressing, among other things, the difference between two “if” clauses: “If you do X AND Y, I do Z” and “If you do A OR B, I do C. Jan, who was going to work later, helped with the lesson by giving Robert a model of what was supposed to be done. A few days ago, Robert and I practiced OR and AND in different contexts. He learned to follow one of the two commands: “Hold a red crayon OR a blue Crayon” and “Hold a yellow crayon AND a green crayon.” Nonetheless, it took Robert a while to grasp the difference between those two conjunctions when presented in different settings.
2.Robert was also naming angles as right, acute, or obtuse. As long as each angle stood alone and was not a part of a polygon, Robert didn’t have any difficulties with completing the task. However, when he had to count how many right, acute, and obtuse angles different polygons had, he was lost. The angles which were determined by vertices and sides of other shapes, were hiding from him. He saw polygons and could easily name them, but he didn’t see angles.
It reminded me of the time, when Robert was learning to name angles using three letters and making sure that the letter next to a vertex was in the middle.
He didn’t have a problem with that. When however the angle was a part of the parallelogram, he had a lot of difficulties. It helped him when I colored the angle and he could focus only on colored rays.
3. Yesterday evening, our water heater stopped working. It was a problem because Robert won’t go to bed without a bath. He wanted us to fix the boiler, but when that didn’t happen, he reluctantly agreed to boil a few pots of water and mix them in the bathtub with the cold water. He was not happy and he was extra suspicious. Nonetheless, the bath he took. That was the day he had a swimming lesson. That called for washing his hair under the shower. So he did! He made a few grunting sounds when the water coming from the shower was not exactly what he expected, but he rinsed his hair anyway. He just dried them a little longer.
4. This afternoon, Robert noticed that his comforter managed to creep out of its duvet cover. Robert tried to put it back, but somehow a part of the comforter got lost in its cover. Robert asked for help in the simplest way, “Mama, mama, mama”, he said dragging the bedding to the kitchen. He did similar thing just a couple days ago. Then, I showed him the “inside out” trick. At that time, as I was turning the cover inside out, Robert protested, “No, no, no!”. Still he let me do that strange thing. Today, he didn’t object. I turned the duvet inside out, asked Robert to reach two opposite corners inside, grab the corners of the comforter and pull them in. He did just that and was pretty pleased with himself. And so was I.

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