June 17/18, 2014
Last night, I was going to write a short post about a few relaxing days. Nothing special, just a list of places we went to and topics we addressed during our learning sessions.
From Saturday to Tuesday, we had a pretty good time. Even more, CALM time. Robert went to the Bridge Center, then we all went for a walk along the Pleasure Bay in South Boston. On Sunday, we drove to Newport, RI hoping to go on a whole Cliff Walk, as the part of the trail which was closed for more than a year, was supposed to be opened that weekend. It wasn’t. But that didn’t spoil our afternoon, which we finished with a dinner in a restaurant.
The Monday’s visit with the gastroenterologist went well. Robert seemed relaxed. Oh well, he fell asleep as the Doctor discussed with me Robert’s issues with digestive system.
He went to his Work Program, where he folded sheets and pillow cases with a co-worker. In the afternoon, he went to his cooking class. On Tuesday, we went to the bank to deposit his previous earning ($3.61), to a pharmacy to pick up a new medication, to Social Security Office to provide additional information, to Moose Hill Park, for a walk on a Boardwalk Trail, to the gas station and to Stop and Shop supermarket. Over those few days, we also did a lot of work. Every day we did four stories from Functional Routines for Adolescents and Adults. One story from each section of the curriculum – Home, Leisure, Work, Community.
I had this curriculum for at least 4 years now. For over a year it was kept at his school, but not much was done. Maybe one lesson. So I took the books back while the school kept CDs that accompanied the presentation books. I hope they will use them, but I am not sure.
A few words about this curriculum. There are four pictures for Robert to look at when I read the short text. I have three level of the text to choose from, but I always choose the beginner’s level. This is because of Robert’s difficulties with short memory. Some of the topics in those stories, Robert is very familiar with, as he already master the skills presented. Still, it is good for him, to have another look at the things he can do. Some of the topics are only vaguely familiar and although they expose Robert to different requirements (for different jobs for instance) they do not apply to him directly, at least not yet. Some topics prepare Robert for next skill, I will practice with Robert at home – like cleaning the bathroom. I have an impression that since Robert joined his vocational program, his interest in this part of our session, increased a lot.
We continued practicing language concepts (some, all, none, before, and, or) through the exercises presented in Reasoning and Writing, worked on Adult Cards for Apraxia, practice pronunciation of another group of words, finished Greece History Packet and did, for entertainment, a few math exercises from Singapore Math, level 4.
That is, what I wanted to write yesterday. I wanted to state, that when I take it easy, Robert takes it easy too. It would be such a nice conclusion.
Oh well, not so.

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