Easygoing? Not so.

June 18, 2014
Easygoing? Oh well, not so.
As we all prepared to go to beds, Robert’s dad, Jan, noticed that there were smudges of hot and spicy sauce from Tyson Hot and Spicy Chicken on our bed. It seemed that despite having such a busy day, Robert managed to find a way (and time) to our bedroom with either his favorite food or his hands still dirty from the food he ate. He must have hidden under the comforter with his Ipad. Because the IPAD was dirty too.
Jan took off the sheets. And that was when Robert protested. He didn’t want the sheets to be changed. Sometime, during the last year, Robert began to believe that only one set of sheets can go on each bed. We can take them off, wash and dry them, but we have to put the same set back after that. Robert tolerates putting a new set on, but only for as long as the old one undergoes washing and drying. I noticed that a month ago when I tried to replaced sheets on Robert’s bed. He didn’t mind washing, but as soon as his flannel set was dried, he put it back.
I didn’t notice that sooner, because it was always Robert’s job to put clean sheets on. So he did it in his own way.
Yesterday, it was too late to do laundry. Robert knew that and we knew that. It would take up to midnight to complete it. Still, for Robert it was unacceptable to put different sheets on the bed for the duration of the whole night. He would rather do laundry and wait till midnight instead of having his parents sleep between different sheets. He tried to start laundry then and there. I called him back. He put the sheets in the hamper and pretended, he didn’t mind. A few seconds later, he grabbed them again. I protested. Robert put them back in the hamper.I knew that as soon, as Jan and I stop watching the hamper, the sheets would end up in the washing machine. I used a moment Robert went to brush his teeth to hide the sheets. That allowed us not to watch Robert, but that didn’t stop Robert to demand that we give back the sheets. Since we refused, he tried to find them. He checked closets. He checked garbage. He checked containers under all beds. He didn’t find them. Over and over he asked, “Green laundry”,”Green bed”, or “Green sheets”. Over and over, Jan or I, explained, “Tomorrow, we will wash sheets, dry them, and put them back on the bed. ” It is OK. It is OK . It is time to sleep. Go to your bed. ” And he went. Around midnight.
Of course, the laundry would be completed by then. But…
Robert woke up at 6:30 this morning. He found green sheets in the hamper. He started washing cycle. before he left for his program, he already put the bedding in the drier. But he didn’t wait until they dry. He went outside and waited for his van instead.
Although that is a good sign the problem has not been solved yet.

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