Four Poblanos for Robert, One for Dad. Or…not.

June 27, 2014
Since the time Robert discovered the taste of poblano pepper, stuffed with mozzarella, covered with flower, dipped in egg, and pan-fried in hot oil, he has been always eating four of them at a time. If there was the fifth pepper, it belonged to dad. As the poblano covered with golden crust was being removed from the stove, the four of them landed on a big plate for Robert and one on a small plate for dad. If the dad was home, Robert dutifully carried the poblano to his dad’s desk, and then ate the remaining four. It was different, when dad was still at work.
It is true that Robert placed the poblano in a plastic container and put it in the refrigerator. As he was doing that, he showed the box to me and said, “Dad, dad.”
A couple of times, he took the container out, showed it to me again, and repeated the same words, “Dad, dad”. I replied,”Yes, this poblano is for dad. He will eat it when he comes home after work. ” Robert returned the container back to the fridge. But somehow, a few hours later, the poblano was gone and the empty container was in the dishwasher.
It seemed that poblano called on Robert the same way the honey jars called on Winnie the Pooh. Their allure was too strong for Robert’s tummy to resist.
Robert does like candies, and in particular Twix candies, as much as he likes poblano. But the bag of candies resting in one of the kitchen drawers remained untouched throughout the weekend. The bag was placed next to paper and plastic lunch bags. Every time Robert goes to his Employment Agency, one Twix candy and one clementine go with him to serve him as his snack. Since Robert established that rule, he refrained himself from eating Twix candy at home. Although a few weeks passed since I purchased that bag, the candies are still there.
From time to time, Robert opens the drawer, checks if it still contains his candies and relaxes as the presence of candies reassures him that he will still go to his Employment Agency. Knowing that is as rewarding as eating a candy.

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