As of Today 10

July 29, 2014

We had rather uneventful day.  In the morning, Robert, just like yesterday, completed a puzzle with US states.  Then he tried to find the names of 20 states based on their contours.  He did exactly the same thing almost a year ago. He recognizes some states like Texas, Florida, California, i Massachusetts , others he has to look for at the puzzle map.  In this he is not different than I am.  I too can name only a few states  just by looking at the contours.  So, we are doing it, because it is rather automatic and calming activity for Robert.

Yesterday, Robert and I introduced ourselves to simple machines.  I was learning with Robert, as I had forgotten most of them, long ago.  As I improvised building some of those machines with strings, pencils, and flat surfaces of books or rulers, Robert seemed very relaxed  and almost interested.  He knew that I was learning together with him, and he appreciated the change of roles from teacher=student to two pals  looking for answers.

Robert partially independently and partially with my assistance reviewed another chapter from Singapore Math.  The first two pages of the review went smoothly, then the word problems started requiring two or even three math operations.  I wasn’t sure what to do.  Robert still needs a lot of practice with word problems with one operation.  should I guide him through or just skip the problems. The answer was provided by Robert.  He doesn’t skip anything.  So I guided Robert, but I don’t think he learned anything at all from that.  Oh, well, It is over.  The new section would be much easier, as Robert is already familiar with angles and knows how to categorize  and measure them.  That will leave a lot of room for independence.

We worked on unit 47 from Reasoning and Writing.  Robert is still a little confused while looking for a mystery character or object by crossing over, or folding flaps on those items that, based on mine or his questions and answers , could not be the mystery object.

I used the cards What’s Wrong? to entice Robert to provide one word answer (he had very little problem with that) and expand it to the whole sentence.

Robert had his horse riding lesson with a new instructor and a new horse. He helped me make a pumpkin pie for his dad.  He folded laundry he set on yesterday.  In the evening we all went for a short walk to the nearby park. Uneventful day.








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  1. Jean

     /  August 2, 2014

    We all need uneventful days for balance!


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