Closing the Circuit

August 8, 2014
We have done it before. Maybe 4 maybe 5 times. We made simple electric circuits that lightened the bulb, moved the fan, made sounds. I remember using a special set bought in the Learning Store to build complex circuits with the support of multistep instructions. I remember building simpler circuits too. Many times.
But I also remember that, no matter how entertaining and interesting (Sometimes challenging too.) I found those tasks, Robert couldn’t care less. He passively connected wires from batteries to switches, to light bulbs but as soon as he completed the task, he quickly and silently dismantled the circuits and returned them to the boxes they came in. His attitudes were such that I almost lost interest in teaching him elements of science.

Today, Robert read very short paragraphs-one about static electricity, the other about batteries. He rubbed the sleeve of the wool sweater on the large comb and was clearly amused when my hair stood up after he placed the comb above my head.
When we used different batteries (AA, C, and 9V) to lighten a bulb with the help of red and black wires, Robert was thrilled. He kept closing the circuit over and over again changing the batteries and observing the changes in the brightness of the light. A few minutes after we finished and I put all the tools in the drawer, Robert took them out and a few more times closed the circuits.

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  1. Jean

     /  August 10, 2014

    Great to see him excited by learning.


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