Week and a Half in Review

August 20, 2014
I haven’t written for over 10 days. There was really no time to write. Robert and I didn’t keep our daily schedule of study. In those 10+ days, Robert and I had maybe 5 lessons. We continued with all the same things. Singapore Math 4A (Standard edition), Reasoning and Writing – up to lesson 56, Copying Pictures and writing about them. Each day 10 cards from each of the three sets of cards from Super Duper School company with the emphasis on pronunciation. I read, Robert answered. Robert read, I tried to understand what he was reading and then answered. When I didn’t understand, I looked at the sentence with Robert. Sometimes we concentrated on the first sound in the name of a person (the names were the hardest for Robert), sometimes we divided words into syllables and worked on the sounds of the consonants ending each of the syllables, sometimes we just worked on extending long vowels sounds.
We didn’t work every day as there were many changes to the daily schedules over those 10+ days. On Tuesday, last week, we drove to the JFK airport in New York city to pick up Robert’s sister, Amanda, coming from France. Robert survived the trip and three hours long wait at the airport very well. We used monorail to ride around the airport twice. That helped a lot. It was not just a pleasant entertainment but also allowed Robert to get a general picture of the airport. On Wednesday afternoon, we drove back to Massachusetts in a crowded car with not only Amanda but also Robert’s grandma coming for a week-long visit. Again, Robert didn’t complain at all. The following week required a lot of adjusting, and that went well also. Of course, we tried to make up for less attention we could give him. So Robert went to Science Museum with his father and grandma to see a movie about Pandas, he went to movies with dad to see Guardians of the Galaxy, he went to Outback, he went for a walk in Moose Hill with Amanda. He helped with laundry, as always. Nonetheless, he spent more time than usually on his IPAD, mostly watching Grease.
His response to a full house was a surprising one. He became less obsessive compulsive and let many things be left in the “wrong” places. My purse, my cell phone, for instance. It was as if during the visits of his sister and his grandma the house rules, as Robert imagined them and kept maintaining, were suspended.
In a way, they were.

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