First Explanation

August 23-24, 2014
I often state that Robert doesn’t explain anything. At least not in a way I understand. He has his way of asking questions using one word or no words at all. But until this Friday, he had not explained anything to me.
That is why the small event I will describe below, means much more than many other things Robert did during the whole last week.

I was rinsing dishes and placing them in the dishwasher. I noticed two cups on the kitchen table. I asked Robert to bring them to the me. He brought one cup placing it on the counter next to the sink. I ask for another cup. Robert returned to the table and turned around as if he wasn’t sure what to do. So, I repeated the demand, “Robert, bring me the dirty cup so I could turn washing machine on.” Robert didn’t touch the cup. Instead he picked a jar of freshly brewed coffee and placed it over the cup tilting it a little as if he wanted to fill it with a drink. He didn’t, however, poured the coffee. He just pretended to do so. Then he put the coffee jar back in an espresso machine.
I understood! Well, I did. But, I needed a confirmation! I approached the table and looked inside the cup. It was half full with frosted milk. Robert’s sister, Amanda, made a cup of espresso but left the kitchen to answer her cell phone,before pouring coffee into a cup.
That is why Robert didn’t bring me the cup and that is what Robert tried to explain to me by pretending to pour coffee into the cup.
His gestures replaced hard to find words. He didn’t know the words to explain, that the cup contained frosted milk for Amanda’s cappuccino. But he still found his way of explaining me exactly that.

This is one of the reasons I really don’t believe that any IQ test can really assess Robert’s intelligence as it reveals itself in very unpredictable forms.

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  1. Jean

     /  September 1, 2014

    Wonderful example of behavior used for effective communication.


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