A Week and a Half in Review 2

September 10, 2014
1. Airports.
Robert’s sister went back to France. We all drove her to the airport, but given all the security, we did not spend much time together. Just a few quick hugs. Still, very important for Robert. He learned to explain someone’s absence in his life by going to airports. When his dad worked almost three years on another coast, and when Amanda was going to college in Oregon, Robert and I were frequent visitors to the airports. We arrived at nights or in early mornings. We mostly waited. Those trips helped Robert later to go through the security on his two airplane trips to California.
2. Driving
The previous weekend, we drove a lot. On Saturday we went to New York. On Sunday, Robert and his dad went to New Jersey. On Monday, we drove to Pennsylvania and then back to Boston. Long time in the car. Robert took it all as calmly as ever. He was very quiet. As always. When he was very young, we often took him on short car trips as they always calmed him down. And calmed us too. That is why I wasn’t afraid of driving with him across The States to California and back. So 8 hours with three short breaks was surprisingly, pretty relaxing.
3. Picking Fruits.
Apples. peaches, nectarines, blueberries, and raspberries. Ten years ago, we went to pick apples in one of the Massachusetts orchards. There were still a few peaches on the peach trees. Robert dared to taste one. He liked it, he ate two. It was the first time he tried peaches. So we picked some more, paid, and brought them home. Robert didn’t touch them at all. Nothing could entice him to try. Robert has never touched blueberries or raspberries when they came out of the refrigerator. I thought he didn’t like them. But as we walked through a park on Cape Code, and later through Stony Brook Audubon, Robert couldn’t stop himself from picking wild blueberries. He ate them all. So we understood that Robert would eat blueberries and raspberries straight from the bush, but never from refrigerator.
That same rule probably applied to peaches. I should bring Robert to a peach orchard every year to have him try peaches. But somehow, year after year, we missed the peach picking time. And now, ten years later, Robert didn’t want to try peaches or nectarines, even when he took them out from the tree. After ten years, he didn’t remember the taste and was, as always, distrusting “new” food. Still, he ate so much of blueberries and raspberries, while we were gathering them, that I felt obligated to pay for containers we didn’t fill up. Except, at Carlson farm, I couldn’t. As raspberries and blueberries are concerned, you pay only for what you picked. We still picked a lot, but of course, Robert hasn’t eaten even one peach, nectarine, raspberry, or blueberry we brought home.
Luckily, he eats apples.

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