September 21, 2014

We drove Robert to Chilli’s Restaurant. His pajama, toothbrush, medicine, and clothes to last for two days of the weekend in a duffle bag. We exchanged a few words with mike, a young man who was going to take care of him and two other young people and left. After returning home, I placed myself close to the phone ready to go and pick up Robert any minute. A couple of hours later, Mike called. Robert was anxiously asking for me at the store.
“Just tell him, he will go home to mother on Sunday. Tell Robert. ‘ Mother on Sunday or home on Sunday’. Do that a couple of times. Then switch the roles. If Robert continues with ‘mother, mother”. Ask him, “What about mother?”. And he will say “Mother on Sunday.” Providing answer on his own will calm Robert down.”
I think it all sounded convoluted and I am not sure if Mike understood me.
I called on Saturday morning. I learned that Robert fell asleep around 3 AM. I expected that. I didn’t expect that he woke up in much better mood. He went with the group to Special Olympics at the Center, to the 99 Restaurant. Following day, he ate breakfast with everybody, helped cleaning and doing laundry, went for a walk to a state park and was ready for us before noon.
When we picked him up, he was calm but tense, as if he tried to understand the significance of his new experiences of being separated from both parents for almost two days and two nights. At home, he unpacked his duffle bag. Then asked me to assist him in writing in his notebook about his weekend. That was another way of retelling the events and putting them in perspective.

Later we went to the orchard to pick apples and pears. We also studied a little. Maybe because the worksheets were very easy for him , or maybe because he liked the return to his routine, Robert seemed very pleased with himself.


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