Post 301

October 1, 2014
I have written 300 posts already. I don’t remember many of them, as I rarely go back to read one or two of the previous posts. But it is harder to write now. Not because I wrote everything I wanted, but because I still have so much to write, that I am overburdened by the number and by the complexity of topics, I should write about. I should write what helped Robert and what was waste of time or even caused regress. I should rethink some of the approaches I had and think about what else can be done and how. I struggle with writing. Sometimes I want those paragraphs to be like light breathing, sometimes they are more labored as I want them to show structure made of discovered connections. Sometimes I tried to change the anger into something constructive. Sometimes I just want to enjoy a moment.
Yes, this writing changes mostly with my emotions, rarely with what I learned or understood.

We still study, most of the days. But not today. Today, Robert came back from his day program, ate something and off we went for his swimming lesson. Today he shared a lane in a pool with two other swimmers, while his teacher, Lucinda, kept giving him instruction from the side of the pool. I considered it a great achievement since Robert never get into collision course with other swimmer. Yes, he was still mixing styles, didn’t coordinate properly arms, legs, and head movements, but he paid attention to other people. That was the first time he was sharing lane with two swimmers, although a few times he shared a lane with another swimmer. On a way home we picked up Robert’s dad from the train station. We ate dinner, and Robert took a bath. He was too tired to study, Or maybe I was too tired to study.
Yesterday, I took Robert to the lab to check his blood for levels of vitamin D, B12, and of iron. We waited 20 minutes. Nothing special, Robert stretched his arm without any problems, observed phlebotomist taking two vials of blood, said, “thank you” (prompted) and left.
So easy.
But just a few years ago, three people had to hold him for short allergy shots or for blood test…
It rained, so we stayed home. Continued with lesson 7 from Reasoning and Writing, a few varied math pages. We read about waves and sound waves. I am not sure if Robert understands what the sound waves are, but he certainly remembers what the ocean waves were like and thus he grasp the meaning of the words: crest, trough, and wavelength. Although I am not sure if he remembers those words today.

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