Mixtures and Solutions on a Rainy Saturday

October 4, 2014

We haven’t gotten a message so we brought Robert to the Ridge Hill Reservation for a walk with members of his Walking Club. Nobody was there, because the meeting was canceled due to the expected rain. The precipitation had already started with a shy drizzle, but soon it changed into regular rain. Nonetheless, there was this wonderful autumn scent in the air so we decided to take a short walk along the loop just to breathe. And we did.
After returning home, Robert read the last of the six easy books about Superman (from Costco). They are so easy, that reading seems rewarding to Robert. Later, Robert and I studied together, mostly following the same curricula:
Changing metric units (Singapore Math).
Elements of basic deductions (Reasoning and Writing)
Vocabulary words.
Pronunciation exercises based on Becoming Verbal and Intelligible (That brought again a bout of bitterness, as yet again I realized that this was what his schools’ speech therapists should had done years ago, but....)
Scholastic Comprehension Skills (comparing and contrasting Mars and Venus, based on a very short paragraph.)
Naming 3 things wrong with each of two pictures (to practice speaking without verbal prompting.)
After a short break we did SCIENCE.
We mixed oil and water, flour and iron shavings, flour and black beans, water and lentils, tea and sugar, water and salt. We watched as sugar and salt dissolved themselves in their respective liquids. We observed oil always push to the top of the water. We used magnet to remove iron from the flour, we boiled a small amount of salty water in microwave and tasted the powder on the side of the glass. We used strainer to retrieve beans and lentils from their mixtures. After all of that we read texts from Real Science (grade 3) and Core Skills Science (grade 3) about …mixtures and solutions.
Both texts contained some of the words which Robert probably didn’t understand, but they also described almost all of the experiments Robert had just performed with me.
Robert was thrilled! Maybe that was the way, he was able to return everything to previous (well, almost the same) state – by recovering beans, lentils, and salt. Maybe it was the funny way, the oil kept returning to the top. Maybe the easiness with which he could remove almost completely iron shavings from the flour making it perfectly white.
But maybe, just maybe, Robert was happy because he experienced yet another connection between written world and world of things and deeds.
Later, Robert, his dad and I played Trouble together. Robert was relaxed. He clearly enjoyed the game, even though I won.

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  1. Jean

     /  October 5, 2014

    Wonderful connecting words with science principles – useful in the kitchen too.


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