Airplanes and Airports – Clarification

November 11, 2014

It had to be said, that all the commotion at the airport was not Robert’s fault, but mine and my husband.
It was Jan who forgot to take his belt with a metal buckle and his knee brace with a metal insert. Thus had to go three times through the security scanner. That event was not lost on Robert as he probably deduced that going back and forth through the security gate could be done freely. It was I, who didn’t take IPAD from the backpack and thus the IPAD and backpack had to go through the scanner again. Robert was not prepared for such development and ran back to retrieve both. Consequently, he had to go through the security gate again and then again as he had already his wallet in his packet. He didn’t want to part second time with the wallet, that was not what he did during any of the previous trips. It was not Robert’s fault that I had a metal container with cards from Super Duper School Company in my bag, which I didn’t take out and thus had to open the suitcase, which again distressed Robert. It was Jan, who ten minutes before our turn to enter the plane decided to buy candies for Robert and disappeared somewhere in the terminal causing Robert’s anxiety. That anxiety, calling rather loud, “dad, dad”,might have alerted security and cause additional pat down. The event, I have to say, Robert tolerated patiently and calmly.
I could say, that we were all stressed out with that first trip abroad with Robert. We were more focused on Robert than on us. I could say that. Still, it was our faults that caused all the unwanted commotions in the airports. Not Robert’s

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