Thanksgiving Weekend Part 2

December 2, 2014

I still cannot figure out the reasons why Robert and I spent Friday and Saturday home.  Jan had to go to work on Friday, but on Saturday, he didn’t have any appetite for going out either.

It might be that we just ate too much and the food made us lazy.  It might be that Robert’s gorging on black and white cake resulted in a stomach pain of some sort.  Any way, he woke up late on Friday. He moved from bed to bed as if he were looking for a place that would soothe his discomfort. He returned to his bed  and fell asleep again.  An hour later, I convinced him to get up by reminding him of the plans we had made the previous evening: deposit all cans and bottles and go to McDonald for lunch.  He got up, ate breakfast, but he was clearly not in a mood for going out. He was not in a mood for joining his friend who came for a morning visit. The friend understood, and left.  I mentioned a plan visit to McDonald, but that didn’t calm Robert either. He was not in a mood for any fast food place. He was not in a mood for anything really.

I didn’t know why he was making noises that didn’t say anything more than, “I am miserable. ” I didn’t know why he was miserable. As I always do when I don’t know what bothers Robert I followed with  attending to possible causes of physical discomfort.  Inhalator for possible tightness of lungs due to asthma.  Metamucil crackers for probable problem with lingering gases. Omeprezole for acid reflux.  Soothing words.

It got better. By noon, Robert still didn’t want to go out but ate some leftovers and a bowl of arugula. Moreover, he didn’t have anything against studying with me. We completed the whole unit from Reading Comprehension for Hyperlexia and Autism among other things. Robert studied for almost two hours, but he, nonetheless, didn’t want to leave the house.  I don’t know why.  In the evening, he rode on exercise bike for 20 minutes and helped his dad to start the fire in the fireplace.

Saturday, Robert didn’t dress up until  6PM.  But while in his pajama, he studied with me, completing the last unit from Reading Comprehension, washed dirty clothes, played Synonym Board Game with his father and me, watched TV, ate poblano and the remaining chicken cutlet, and enjoyed a very short visit of  another friend.  And no, he didn’t want to go anywhere.

Only when he was back in his pajama, did he state his plans for the following day, ” Ski, ski.”

Feeling guilty of not doing anything for two days, we drove two hours one way to Mount Sunapee, so Jan and Robert could ski for an hour and a half. Except, they didn’t check which trails were open and soon they found themselves with only one option – going down the black diamond trail. Robert stopped and looked at his dad questioning the sanity of the world which didn’t offer any good solution, then carefully and silently followed his father directions.  He listened as attentively as he had never did on easier slopes.  They both learned their lesson and before going up again, they checked what other trails were opened.

On a way back, we stopped at Food Court in Merrimack, NH where double cheeseburger seemed to provide for Robert the perfect ending to the Thanksgiving weekend.




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