Sinusoid to the Rescue

March 5, 2015

Today, Robert  had difficulties drawing ocean animals. Copying slanted lines and curved lines going in different directions seemed to be very confusing to Robert. So, I went  back to Write from the Start by Ion Teodorescu and Lois M. Addy. I looked through the exercises in both parts of that curriculum with emphasis on those which would help with drawing. ( I couldn’t help but wonder to what degree those exercises helped Robert with writing cursive letters, in the past) Still, this time I looked for something else.  I looked for ideas that would helped Robert to draw curved backs of dolphins, wavy shapes of seahorses, and sharp endings of  curves representing bodies of different fish.

I thought that the closest match to what Robert needed to relatively successfully complete his ocean picture was to practice drawing circles inside and outside triangles and squares.  I expanded on that ideas with exercises that demanded that Robert draw ovals inside and outside rectangles.

Another good suggestion taken from the book was to draw sinusoid (wave) but going down vertically (With horizontal waves Robert didn’t have as many problems.) By spacing either points or different length line segments I prepared pages for Robert to draw waves (sinusoids) of different frequency and amplitudes.  Later, Robert was presented with tasks of drawing such shapes along slanted lines.

The exercises seemed easy.  Although mathematician would have a problem with Robert rendering of those shapes, they clearly demonstrated Robert’s understanding of concepts.

After all those exercises, I asked Robert to copy the drawing of the dolphin. This time I stopped myself from any “helpful” interference and let Robert worked out on his own all the curves and angles.  And he did.


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