Words, Old and New

March 31, 2015

From time to time, I go back to the shelf where I keep those workbooks Robert and I had already completed a month, a year, or a few years before.  Luckily, their pages are still untouched by Robert’s pencil, as I usually make copies of new materials not sure how easy or difficult the problems presented in workbooks might be for Robert.  The first encounter with the worksheet is always on trial and error basis for both of us. Although we worked diligently many concepts slip through our minds.  I said ours for a reason.  On one hand, Robert doesn’t appropriate new terms during that first encounter, on the other hand, I neglect to practice them out of the teaching table.

Enriching the vocabulary

It is crucial to use new words all across the settings wherever and whenever appropriate. That is the way to bring new words into a fold of one’s personal experience and to let them be assimilated and understood in different contexts. It is crucial, but too often, I don’t do that.  I am just forgetting the words I introduced to Robert  in the table settings, and he forgets them too.  That is why, a month or a year later, we go back to the old workbooks to refresh our memory and relearn the concepts.

I use workbooks, because I would not know which words Robert should know.  That is not exactly precise statement.  I know that Robert needs as many fundamental, basic words as possible.  I just don’t know what those words are.  If there were any workbooks on the kindergarten – second grade level left I would buy them all because I assume that they contain the most often use words.  In the past I used 2 different workbooks for grade 1 and 2.  Now, with some doubts as to the immediate usefulness, I am working with vocabulary words on the third grade level.

It is a second time around Robert and I do the same pages.  this time however, I am choosing words to practice with Robert also out of the table.

1. When we go visit his aunt and grandmother we will practice HOST and GUEST. When friend stops over, I will remind Robert to be a good host and bring cookies to the table or a glass of water or juice.

2. When we go to Audubon park, we will be waiting for arrival of CYGNETS

3.As Robert’s physical exam approaches, we will check in the calendar when is Robert’s next ANNUAL check-up.

One might ask, the matter I am asking myself, “what is the point of enriching the vocabulary of a young man, whose independent speech production is on a level of 3-4 years old toddler. what is the point of immersing such person in the ocean of new words?

And the answer is: Because Robert  can express very little. Since his speech is difficult to come out and carry to another person, it is imperative that he understands most of his surroundings.  He cannot ask for clarification, explanation by himself.  Asking is even more difficult.  That is why he should know language context.  Knowing names of things and actions is to understand better those things and those actions.


I also brought back Speech Improvement Reproducible Masters.  A couple of years ago we did all the exercises.  At that time, I believed that Robert’s biggest problem with speech production was not extending long vowels, squeezing syllables into one unrecognizable sound.  Now, I noticed that he also has problems with clarity of his consonants. Again, I wish it was a trained speech pathologist who would work with Robert, but since there are nowhere to be found, I am working with Robert on practicing the same sounds we had practiced years ago.




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  1. inailau

     /  April 3, 2015

    Well done! All we can do is keep trying and youre doing a great job @ trying to keep up 🙂 It cannot be easy but I am certain a mothers love knows no bounds.
    I also do the same with my oldest (I have two with ASD) and have often wondered if I was the only one going back to those old worksheets or ones I printed with good intentions, only forgotten and neglected or buried under a thousand other worksheets. I’m glad to know I am not alone 🙂 Cheers to the days ahead and I hope you’ll always find the strength to keep going!

    Joyce from http://www.inailauhut.com


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