Searching for the Key

April 17-24, 2015

The keys are on two different key chains. Robert wants it this way, and whenever I put them back, he, somehow manages to separates them again. It is a nuisance, as I search the bottom of my purse for the proper car key, I tend to always take the wrong one, then search again. Like I said, that is a nuisance. Moreover, Robert allows his father to keep both keys on one key chain. He doesn’t allow me to do the same.

He still remembers that time in October of 2013 when I placed the wrong car key in the ignition and couldn’t turn it, and couldn’t take it out. That was followed by over four hours of waiting for the AAA, a ride to the dealer, leaving the  car AND the CAR KEY there. Traumatic experience for Robert which I described in:

The matter of fact I forgot about this event, which  happened 18 months ago  but Robert obviously not. Not that he doesn’t trust me, but he wants to prevent me from making the same mistake. So far, he did.

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