Puzzles to Sleep On

June 12, 2015

As long as the bed sheets were all white, Robert didn’t mind replacing dirty ones with  clean ones. However, when I made a mistake and bought him a blue striped set, Robert established new rules for his bedding. The striped sheets could be taken off.  That wasn’t a problem.  Another set could be placed on Robert’s bed. That wasn’t a problem either. When, however, the blue striped sheets were washed and dried, which usually happened the same day, the other set had to return to the linen closet. Robert made sure of that.  He did laundry himself to make sure that he would sleep between blue, striped sheets.

Well, I didn’t want to argue, as long as the Robert’s bedding was clean and he took upon himself to follow the rules he established.

But, using and overusing the same set soon ended in a wearing out and tearing.  One day, Robert found out a long hole in the fitted sheet. Nonetheless, he put it on his bed trying to keep edges of the hole together.  Next morning the hole was reaching from the headboard to the other end of the bed. When Robert didn’t watch I took the sheet off and, after thinking for a second I cut both ends (through the band inside the fitted sheet.)

I placed two halves in a basket where we keep rags to be used for cleaning later. When Robert came from school, he found them and put them back on his bed and slept there. The following day, I tore the sheet into four pieces and put them back in a basket with rags. Robert came from school.  Immediately ran to his bed to check if I didn’t do anything unacceptable. His worse expectation were confirmed.  There was a white fitted sheet where blue striped one should be. So again, he went to the basket, brought four pieces back and spread them on the bed the way they should be.

Well, the following day, he found the blue, striped fitted sheet torn into 15 or 16 pieces. It took him a while, but he assembled that puzzle as well.  It was not so difficult to match all the pieces as the  stripes  ran in one  direction and they differed with the shades of blue and purple. Robert finished and lied down to check how it was feeling.  He was still in his day clothes.  He tried to lie still, but nonetheless when he got up the pieces were in disarray.  Robert picked them all and placed them in the basket with other rags.

Or Not

For the next few years, Robert used another bed sheet with a pattern.  After a while it also got worn out and began tearing. Yesterday, after it was washed, I tore it into four pieces, but left them in the clean laundry basket. As Robert was putting laundry away (his regular chore at home), he took out the pieces and carried them straight to the….. rag-basket.

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