Not Your Typical Curriculum Words

September 9, 2015

A few months ago, I purchased a workbook 100%Curriculum Vocabulary for grades 6-12. Robert knows more or less 10% of those words but he is not using independently any of them. So why then I decided to introduce to Robert  words related to community, government, health, and keyboard?

Well,  Robert lives in the community.  He has checking account, he is involved in taking care of his own health, he uses his  computer skills, and he has to understand, at least to some degree, the role the government plays in his life and the lives of others. Those are very hard lessons for me to plan.  I did not know where to begin.  So although starting with vocabulary might not be the best way for Robert to learn, but it is  the easiest way for me to teach.  The words offer the starting point. They are like primary colors from which all other colors and all other pictures can be created.

Of course there are limits to what I can create, what I can teach.

For the whole week, we practiced words related to money – gross pay, net pay, withholding, interest, balance.  First almost mechanically using word search puzzle and a crossword, then practically with the help of Robert’s paycheck, and his bank account.  Robert found out that he was paid biweekly, that one of his gross pay was $8, his withholding was $0.69 which left him with net pay of $7.31. He also found the balance of his checking account but couldn’t find the interest.

For next few months, every two weeks,  with each new pay check, we will practice these words again and again. That is not as terrible as it sounds. It won’t take more than a few minutes each time.


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