About Last Month

December 13, 2015

It is getting harder and harder to keep writing.  It is even more difficult to return to this blog after a long break.  Each day brings new experiences but not necessary new knowledge.  Each day evokes new feelings but since they are often contradictory it is hard to write about them.

Robert and I are still studying together.  But not every day.  Sadly, I get more tired lately.  We had guests staying over.  I had some health issues.  There were other problems. Very little suffices to throw me off the track.  Because it was I who skipped our learning hours.  Robert seemed almost relieved when after two weeks we restarted learning together.

Of course, I strongly believe that even when we didn’t study,Robert was still learning.  He was observing our guests.  There is a lot one can learn through observation of other people.  Except, Robert won’t tell what he learned. If nothing else, Robert learned to share his house with others. Robert learned to dine with guests, even though he didn’t touch Thanksgiving turkey replacing it with chicken cutlets.  He was sitting with everybody and, what more surprising, even looking at his relatives from time to time. It was clear that he felt a part of our company. However,  his participation was not very long.  After less than half an hour, Robert left the table only to return for the dessert.  Ice cream cake to be precise.

I consider it my big failure not to teach Robert to eat wider range of food.  And so the Thanksgiving table with turkey and all the trimmings didn’t offer anything to Robert palate. He eats potatoes, but only baked potatoes with cheese, not mashed, not roasted.  He eats salad but only plain arugula, not lettuce with tomatoes and dressing.  He eats cooked vegetables but only eggplant or poblano, not beets, not squash, or hunter stew.

Had he been attracted to more dishes covering our Thanksgiving table, he might stay with guests much longer. Being a part of a friendly company is an invaluable experience.

Comparing with learning opportunities of rather chaotic Thanksgiving weekend, our formal studies were rather dull and uneventful.

We practiced vocabulary related to election – ballot, candidate, voting.

We practiced, without much improvement, adding integers using number line with positive and negative numbers.

We read about digestive, circulatory, and respiratory systems.

We played Trouble.