What Else Can I Do?

January 16, 2016

One of the reasons I have difficulties writing lately is the lack of clarity of what else I can do to help Robert be prepared for life without us, his parents.

It seems that he needs to learn so much more than what he knows or does now.  I also realized that he can learn very little outside of our home. yes, he is surrounded by nice people at his programs.  Yes, he seems happy whenever he attends any of the programs ran by three different agencies and two other organizations. I love his happiness.  But the happiness without gaining knowledge, skills, and understanding is short lived.  It is a fool’s gold.

Robert in his own way, understand that too. That is why he is not protesting our daily learning routine. He does want to learn.  He wants to understand more. He wants to do new things.

The problem is that I don’t know what what else I can or/and should teach him.  There is so much, he still has to learn and I have so little opportunities to help him.

During the holiday season, with his sister visiting, I let Robert spend as much time with her as they both were able to tolerate and/or enjoy. Walking with Amanda and her friends was an important experience.  Following Amanda’s directions while making origami with her and her friends was priceless. I didn’t study with Robert at all. We only played a few board games and did puzzles together.

After the holidays, we went back to daily routine. Robert seemed relived by return of “normalcy.

We continue with learning about human body.  We continue with talking in sentences, asking questions, and explaining.  We returned to the same series of books Functional Routines but we stepped up from the basic to the intermediate level of text and questions.

We still practice with Apraxia cards.

Robert practices counting – just to make sure he didn’t forget the algorithms.

But then , I realize that Robert should learn other things as well.  So last two day we began again going together to grocery stores. I ask Robert to find a few items while I wait around cash registers.  Yesterday, Robert found three gallons of water and a bottle of his favorite Arizona Ice Tea.  He tried to find All detergent, but couldn’t as the store ran out of it.

Today, he just went to buy three boxes of tissues , then he returned to cash register, placed them on the belt and with my help used his ATM card (still uneasy about his pin).  With slight prompts,  he also took $10 to have it for his Friday’s lunch.

At home, he set the espresso machine, but was reluctant to make frosted milk, as he couldn’t figure out how close he should keep milk to the stem pipe.

It seems we did a lot, but Robert needs so much more.


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  1. Jean Palmateer

     /  January 17, 2016

    We all keep learning each day. Your lessons provide the base for Robert being able to make connections and develop greater flexibility – a very difficult skill.


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