Not the Best Father’s Day Weekend

June 19, 2016

We had a very difficult weekend.  I don’t even know how to write about what caused the problem as it was long in the making and it had many components.

Robert chooses what to wear every day.  Convincing him to wear something different is not easy but possible. Lately, however, he also wants to decide what his father wears.  And he can be very persistent.  If I look back, I could notice that the Robert’s attitudes developed over time and went unchecked with my husband passively accepting suggestions of what he should be wearing and what not.

I should also notice that this habit was connected to another one Robert acquired in the last few months.  Robert organizes not only clean clothes, but also the dirty ones which are already in the hamper.  He makes sure that all the clothes are spread on top of each other in a way they were worn: underwear, then white T-shirt than pants, then another shirt then socks.  Day after day the same order.  even worse, Robert organizes our dirty clothes in the hamper in the same way. That is why, he doesn’t accept the fact that sometimes we drop in the hamper two dirty shirts.  Then he takes one  and hangs it in the closet.

As I wrote in one of the previous posts, Robert believes that each day demands only one set of clothes.  Although he can make allowances for special occasion and change clothes for instance for a special banquet, whenever banquet is over and Robert returns home, he immediately returns to the clothes he wore before.

That is exactly what Robert did last Friday, after returning from a banquet.  That wouldn’t be a problem, but he also wanted his dad to wear his old dirty shirt from the morning.  Dad resisted telling Robert that it was dirty. Do Robert decided to wash that one shirt and he did.  He brought it back after washing cycle ended and demanded again that dad puts it on before going to bed. still dad resisted and Robert gave up.

Well, only until Saturday morning.  On Saturday, everything started again.  Moreover, I insisted that Robert (and his dad) wear short pants for a walk in Pleasure Bay.  It took a long time but I managed to convince both men to do so.  Then Robert insisted that despite hot weather dad still had to put on his jacket.  Another 20 minutes spent on convincing and Robert agreed to leave Jan’s jacket in the closet.

Still, all that convincing took so much energy yesterday, that today I didn’t even mention short pants and Jan didn’t dare to leave without his jacket even if it was much hotter than yesterday.

At least, we managed to salvage a few relaxing hours each day with pleasant walks, one along the Pleasure Bay and another one at World’s End park.

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  1. Glad you had pleasant walks, Robert and Maria!


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