Through Time and Space with Horizon Reading to Learn

August 8, 2016

Herman the Fly, Linda and her sister Cathy, Tom and Eric, kangaroo Toby, and finally Edna and her friend Carla led Robert all over the world, into the past and the future mixing reality with a pinch of fantasy.

Herman the Fly was Robert’s guide during trips from East Coast to West Coast and back.  Herman’s experiences in the airplane came handy when Robert flew with me from Boston to San Francisco and back to Boston. Herman was the first character to cross over Pacific Ocean on the flight to Japan and Atlantic ocean on a flight from Italy back to New York.

Soon Linda and Cathy also crossed Pacific, but on the cruise ship  and  with a short detour to a desert island following the sinking of their ship.

Tom and Eric used the time machine to visit the  past and the future often witnessing important events  and thus giving Robert opportunity to to travel up and down time lines which listed years of San Francisco earthquake, Columbus discovery, United States Independence and …. Robert’s birthday.

Kangaroo Toby traveled unwillingly from Australia to Canada but soon he returned happily to his part of Outback.  Taken away from his mob by crooks he befriended a Peacock from India who provided important information in  regards to the trip and events. .

Edna and Carla escaped being swallowed by giant whirlpool somewhere in Bermuda Triangle only to unexplainably end up for a few days or a few hours in the land of dinosaurs.

I am not sure what concept of space and time those stories help Robert to develop (create?) I am not sure if by reading, looking on the maps of the World, and assigning dates to specific events on the time line, Robert grasps better his place in the world.  But then, I am not sure if I can do that myself.

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