Getting Ready for Take Off

September 20, 2016

Two days ago, Robert and I started a new section of Horizon Reading to Learn. We are ready to leave the Earth for other planets in the Solar system.  We are also ready to jump into the future.  The year 2230 to be precise.  After traveling all over the Earth with Herman the Fly, after many  trips into the past and the future with Eric and Tom, after following Toby the Kangaroo from Australia to Canada and back, after learning from Linda and her sister Kathy how to survive on the desert island, after escaping with Carla ans Edna from make-believe island plagued by dinosaurs, earthquake and erupting volcano it was only natural that the next 10+ stories would take us into the future and other planets in our solar system.

We are still in the phase of getting ready. The first step for Wendy is to be accepted.  Thus, we witness Wendy taking the exam that might qualify her for the special trip. We feel her anxiety, we soar with her through some of the questions, and we learn  a few new facts from her answers. To make reading of the next section easier, we too prepare ourselves by recalling the name of the planets.  To the concepts of “past” and “future” we have just added the most elusive one, “present”.  (Before today, we used simpler term, but equally  evasive, “now”. )

I had the impression that Robert felt pretty good when he read   those questions on Wendy’s test to which he also knew the answers. Maybe this writer’s trick allowed Robert to compare his knowledge with the character in the story.  Maybe Robert realized that he knows almost as much as does Wendy.  So he too might qualify for the trip.





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