Snapshots of a Very Good Day

  1. October 3, 2016

It is 7:30 AM and Robert has already taken a few steps down the stairs on the way to the van.  Before he leaves, however, he wants to make sure that dad takes the shower.  “Shower, shower, shower”, he says. His loud words sound more like a command than gentle reminder.  It is Robert’s way to ascertain his role as a family member  with all the  rights we, the parents, have.  We tell him what and when to do things, he tells us too.

It is 3:45 PM. Robert has just came home.  He notices four poblanos on one plate and one on the other, but ignores them for now.  Instead, he runs through all the rooms of the house, including bathrooms and checks if everything remains where it is, according to Robert, supposed to be.   Today, he has a lot of corrections to do, as I washed the bathrooms and thus put some items in wrong places. Then he shows me his notebook, “Read, read, read.” When I finish reading, he places it, as usual, in the drawer under coffeemaker and only then he turns his attention to the poblanos.

It is 4:15 PM.  Robert has just finished eating his four poblanos and a half of the fifth, which, as usual, he has shared with his dad.  Since Robert has a habit of eating each poblano on a separate plate, using a different fork for each pepper, the table is covered six plates.  One large and five medium size. Robert gathers dishes, placing each plate and a fork on the other plate and a fork.  He seems a little apprehensive when I remove forks from the plates and put them all on the top plate.  But he doesn’t protest.

It is 5:00 PM.  As I drop  washed clothes on the bed, Robert shuts off  his IPAD and begins to put laundry away.  He doesn’t pile similar items together but deals with each article of clothing separately.  Carrying one item at a time he runs to all the  closets and drawers in every bedroom.  It will take him more than an hour to put everything away. I don’t mind.  I sit on a bed, relax, and watch Rosemary and Thyme on Netflix.

It is 7:30 PM. We have just finished reading the story about Wendy and Sidney trip to Jupiter. Well, not to Jupiter exactly but to its  moon, Io. With my assistance, Robert has answered two sets of questions.  Feeling a little drained I say, “Let’s take a break”.  Robert grabs four pages from the third grate Social Science workbook and says, “Work, work, work”.  So we keep working.

It is 9:00 PM.  I am sitting in front of TV.  Robert, who has just finished his bath, handles me my nightgown.  “Mama shower” he says.

Oh well.





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