Rejecting Entropia

February 6, 2016

As soon as I drop dirty laundry into the hamper, Robert rushes to organize them in his way. He removes the clothes I have just dropped and places them back in the hamper one on top of the other in a the same pattern that he uses for his own garment. He places his clothes in the hamper in the same order he takes them off.  The shirt is on the bottom, followed by the white undershirt.  Next go his socks, jeans, and underwear. Every article of clothing is spread evenly.  In the morning, he does the same thing with his pajamas. He changes pajamas everyday.  Nothing would convince Robert to wear the same pajama two nights in a row.

When he suspects that either his dad or I messed up the clothes, he empties the whole hamper and meticulously places each item inside  making sure that the order is followed. Day clothes, then night ones, day clothes, then night ones.  My clothes are also placed in a proper sequence.  And so are dad’s.  Robert doesn’t rush.  He takes time.  He doesn’t make mistakes.

With similar attentiveness to the details, he places clothes in the washing machine and later in the drier.  When doing so, he separates white garment from the dark, but nonetheless, keeps as much of the original order as possible.  It is no wonder that Robert devotes a lot of his time to the laundry.

I have tried to explain to Robert that organizing dirty laundry is not important since the washing machine and the dryer would mix up all the clothes.    I have told him that we  could just drop the clothes randomly to the appliances and concentrate instead on folding and putting clean laundry in appropriate places.  I have told him that many times, but Robert doesn’t accept randomness. Unrelentingly, he keeps on organizing  each chaotic corner of the universe. One laundry basket at a time.

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