Quest for Missing Socks

October 2nd, 2017

Last night, as Robert and I were folding and hanging clean clothes, I noticed that one sock didn’t have its match. I knew that if Robert realized that, he would search for the missing sock as long as necessary. With the passing hours he would become more and more agitated.  He would rummage through all the hampers with dirty clothes and all the drawers with clean ones. He would demand our support in a few, but very loud words.  I didn’t want that to happen at 10 PM so I hid the sock under the pillow. Since all other socks had their companions, we all were spared the anxiety related to the possibly futile search for the evasive article of clothing.

This morning, however, Robert realized that one pair of socks was missing.  Moreover, it was exactly that pair that he planned to wear today with the pants and the shirt he had already chose. There were more than 30 pairs of socks Robert could choose from, but he wanted just the one that was missing.  He looked and looked, picking up pair after pair.  He took out the whole drawer.  He checked the drawer below.  He emptied all three compartments of the hamper with dirty laundry.  He moved the comforter and the pillow and he found it.  He found one sock I had hidden the previous night.  Encouraged by his discovery, he renew his hunt.  it was getting late so I had to cancel the van which takes him to his morning program.  Still, I decided not to help Robert.  I wanted him to have another experience that would tell him, that lives go even if it is not perfect.

I pretended to be oblivious to his exploration.  Finally, Robert relented and put on another pair of socks.  Then he showed me the sock he found, “Sock, sock”, he said.

“The sock is missing”, I confirmed.  “I will look for it when you are in your program. ”  Robert was fine with that. I drove him to his program.  As he was leaving the car, he reminded me, “sock, sock”.

“Yes, I will look for it”  I assured him.

And that is what I will do now.

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