The Warmth of a Snowy Day

I don’t remember exactly how much snow was expected for that Tuesday in March. It had to be something between 18 inches and 2 feet.  Enough to have us concerned.  We don’t have a snow blower and we don’t know anybody with a snow plow. Moreover, our town cleans diligently our short street.  Unfortunately, much of the snow taken from the street is pushed into our driveway forming a wall made of either heavy wet snow, or huge chunks of frozen snow. I don’t know where those huge chunks of snow come from, but they end up in our driveway somehow.

We decided to shovel the snow every couple of hours as it was keeping accumulating.  And we, the parents, wanted Robert to participate.  After some convincing,Robert joined us reluctantly.   Since in the past,  I noticed  that he often didn’t know where to start and how to proceed, I shoveled the snow around a perimeter of a small rectangle.  That made it clear to Robert where he should start and where is the end.  However, when he finished removing snow from that part of the driveway, I was ready with another rectangle and then one more.  This way, we were done in 30 minutes. Two hours later we had to shoveled again.  But Robert seemed exhausted and very sleepy, so we let him rest.  However, when we decided, two hours later,  to remove another layer of snow. we encouraged Robert to help us. He joined us and without hesitation removed the snow from an assigned to him rectangle.  It had a larger area than the previous one so when Robert finished, I told him that he could go home and rest. But he didn’t go. He held his shovel and waited. He seemed not sure what to do. So I asked.

-Robert, do you want to help or go home?-

-Help, help.- he answered eagerly.  So I assigned another part of a driveway to clean and then another and another until the snow was gone.

By the evening another 3-4 inches tall layer accumulated.  This time we didn’t want to involve Robert. After all, he worked hard enough before. But as soon as  Jan and I began shoveling, Robert called to us through the closed window of his bedroom, “Help, help”.

He wanted to work with us again.  And so we let him.


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