May 2, 2018

It hurts when I see others treating Robert like pariah.  It  hurts even more when I see his peers with disabilities treating him badly.  I rarely have opportunity to notice that, as I don’t watch Robert in his programs.  I only see him getting on the van that takes him to the Day Program. ” Don’t sit here, go there” , says the girl as Robert noticing his regular seat being taken moves to another seat, next to that girl.  She doesn’t want him to be next to her.  “Go to the back.”  Robert doesn’t know what to do.  He looks to the back seat, but as the girl moves her purse closer, he understands this gesture as a permission to sit next to her.  She is not happy.  “Why are you ordering him around? ”  I ask, but my question disappears in the air as nobody pays attention to it.  As I close the door I see Robert placing himself next to the girl.  But that is not the end.  The van is not moving.  I look back and I see Robert walking to the back row. He seems resigned but I wonder if that sort of treatment doesn’t leave an effect on him.

Sadly, I noticed that a few times before.  Moreover, no matter how full is the van, he is always sitting alone.  Nobody is next to him.  I tried to explain that.  With the seasonal allergies, there were times when he was sneezing a lot. Who wants to be in a proximity  of person with such affliction?  But, he has not been sneezing in a few months now.  At least, I have not noticed that. So is there something I don’t know about Robert, that THEY, his transportation companions, are aware of?


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